verizon-nexus-7We all love promises and the kind of hope that promises carry. After all, don’t politicians secure their voting base based on the kind of promises that they offer during the campaigning period? Of course, there are some elected representatives out there who truly have a heart to serve the people who elected them into office, and these are gems, rare and few in between. Verizon, as a company, has dished out a fair number of promises that they would be able to officially support the Nexus 7 on their own LTE network, but so far, these promises seem to be nothing but hot air. We are then more than pleased to bring you word that an actual launch of an LTE compatible Nexus 7 is really, really close and about to happen.

An anonymous tipster did inform Droid-Life that Verizon has already approved an Android-powered tablet which is on its way to Verizon stores, where you would also be able to make out the carrier’s logo on the box itself. Of course, if this were to be legitimate by all accounts, Verizon staff are unable to sell the Nexus 7 just yet, as we are most probably looking at a February 13th release date according to whispers on the grapevine.

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