Even though Microsoft wants gamers to scoop up its latest console, the Xbox One, it hasn’t forgotten about millions of Xbox 360 owners. This particular console was quite successful back in the day, and still commands respect even though it has been succeeded. To make your winter more bearable, Microsoft formally kicked off the Xbox 360 ultimate game sale, offering discounts on popular Xbox 360 titles. The discounts will be offered for the next seven days and will be in addition to normal games and add-on deals that have gone up on the Xbox Games Store.


The list contains many popular titles such as Portal 2, Mass Effect and Batman: Arkham City, which now sell for $9.89, $3.74 and $4.99 respectively. Fable III is available for $7.49, Guardians of Middle-Earth for $1.04 and Driver: San Francisco for $6.59. Until end of day today, titles like Armored Core: Verdict Day, Dante’s Inferno, RUSE, Halo: Reach, Runner2, Bastion, Dishonored and Capcom Arcade Cabinet will be offered at discounted prices. Microsoft’s Larry Hryb, better known as Major Nelson, has posted the entire list of discounted titles and their new prices on his website, so check them out here. The Xbox 360 ultimate game sale runs through February 25th, so you have a lot of time to deliberate and decide on the titles you really want to purchase.

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