top-gross-appWe’re sure that there are more than a few people out there who dislike the freemium model. At the same time this model is probably working which is why developers are choosing to go with it, right?

According to a new study conducted by Wild Tangent in colalboration with IHS Technology, it has been found that the majority of iOS users prefer free games with advertisements in them compared to paid titles.

In fact the majority is pretty overwhelming at 86% of those surveyed. Breaking that down, 70% said they would prefer free games supported by advertising, 16% preferred freemium games with in-app purchases, and only 14% said that they’d much prefer a game that require money upfront to download.

The study also revealed that gamers preferred advertising models in which gamers had control over. An example of this would be the recently released game, Disco Zoo. Basically it rewards the players with in-game money for viewing short advertisement videos. At the the same time players can opt not to view those videos and purchase in-game currency with real money instead.

In the past we have seen big names in the gaming industry, such as Peter Molyneux and Nintendo, voice their displeasure against the free-to-play model, with reports that free-to-play titles are souring the iTunes App Store experience. Unfortunately if these numbers are only a small sample of the larger picture, it looks like those who are against the free-to-play model are a minority.

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