app-store-640Apple’s iOS platform is one that many developers opt to develop for first. Perhaps it’s more lucrative, perhaps the developers are iOS fans themselves, we’re not sure, but according to a recent report in the Edge, it has been suggested that due to clone games and free-to-play titles, the app store experience has been “soured”.

As gamers are probably well-aware of, there are plenty of cloned games in the App Store. In fact this was highlighted rather prominently after Flappy Bird had been removed, which then saw an influx of Flappy Bird-like clones hitting the App Store in a bid to capitalize on the craze of the game.

However it is precisely these sorts of clones which the Edge found to have ruined the App Store gaming experience. Free-to-play titles is another culprit, and in the past we have seen some people speak out against the model.

One of them being Barry Meade of Fireproof Games who was quoted as saying, “It’s great that some are making loads of money from free-to-play, but the inability of publishers to see what else mobile gaming can be leads them to be profit-chasing and risk-averse to a ridiculous degree.”

Meade later adds, “The sheer ubiquity of free-to-play is freezing mobile gaming at a very shallow and immature state of its development, when it should be at its most exciting, dynamic and diverse.” Then again there wouldn’t be a supply if there wasn’t any demand for such games, right?

However despite the reports, recent studies have found that mobile gaming revenue is on the rise and that iOS is actually leading the way, but what do you guys think? Do you agree with the report that clones and free-to-play games are ruining the App Store experience for everyone?

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