Drones might be useful when it comes to delivering packages to your doorstep without the need for a delivery person, or to help clear up air pollution, or simply to bring the power of Internet connectivity to remote areas. Well, how about using a flying robot known as the AeroTrainer in order to assist athletes and teams elevate their performance all the while doing its bit to ensure that sports injuries that include serious ones such as concussions, cardiac incidents, and heat-related illnesses can be avoided?


The inspiration behind the AeroTrainer hailed from a New Jersey flight academy, where this device happens to carry an unmanned aerial video biotelemetry system that was specially designed to offer athletes and teams, their bunch of coaches and trainers, the big picture of one’s athletic performance and physical activity.

The AeroTrainer can race alongside a track runner (can it catch Usain Bolt at full speed) or to follow specific plays or players on a football field automatically. Not only that, it boasts of the capability to monitor heart rates, body temperatures, and the frequency and intensity of impacts. Sounds pretty futuristic to me, don’t you think so? Perhaps this might help coaches to be able to better manage their team. [Press Release]

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