china-pollutionIf you have been following the news, or if you have friends who have recently visited China, or if you live in China yourself, you’re probably more than aware of the pollution plaguing China’s cities at the moment.


Pollution on any level is bad, but looking at some of the photos that have been posted, it looks as though China has been blanketed by a cloud, a very dangerous cloud of pollution. Well the good news is that the government has found a way to deal with it and it is through the use of drones.

According to a report from The South China Morning Post, it has been revealed that the Chinese government will be deploying drones to take to the skies where they will be spraying chemicals into the sky that will supposedly freeze the atmosphere pollutants, causing them to fall to the ground where presumably they will be cleaned up later.

The drones are said to be capable of carrying more than 700kg of these freezing chemicals and will be able to freeze pollution in a 5km radius. This is actually not the first time that China has resorted to using drones to deal with their pollution.

According to Ma Yongsheng, the CEO of the company responsible for creating the drones, he believes that apart from dealing with pollution, these drones can also be used in disaster relief and seed sowing, which we’re guessing is in part to do with the drone’s ability to carry heavy payloads.

[Image Credit – Fredrik Rubensson]

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