The All New HTC One will be unveiled later this month on the 25th in New York and London. So far there have been multiple leaks of the handset along with rumored specifications, which basically leaves nothing left to the imagination.

For the most part the hardware on the phone is pretty standard as far as flagship handsets are concerned, but what’s interesting about the upcoming handset is the fact that it appears to pack a dual camera setup on its back. It is unclear what the setup is for, but in the meantime HTC has recently released a new teaser video talking about HTC’s UltraPixel technology.

The video basically talks about the UltraPixel technology and how it supposedly fares pretty well in low-light situations, although we guess we’ll have to take it for a spin to find out for ourselves.

For those unfamiliar, UltraPixel technology debuted in the HTC One back in 2013. This was a particularly interesting move by HTC in the fact of the competition lording their megapixel count over one another. Instead of competing on that field, HTC announced the UltraPixel camera which might have a seemingly low megapixel count, but would be able to take photos with a resolution much higher than that.

It seems that HTC will be bringing back that technology with the All New HTC One, although once again we have to wonder about the dual camera setup. Some have speculated that it could be used to let more light in to help improve low-light photography, while others believe it might be used for a more stabilized zoom.

Either way we will find out all about the All New HTC One on the 25th of March, so do check back with us then for the details!

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