Did your child rack up charges on your credit card by making in-app purchases without your consent and authorization? Good news, you can claim a refund from Apple. The move is a part of a consent decree that the company struck with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Apple was fined $32.5 million for its in-app purchase billing practices, the money will be used for refunds. Those wishing to claim a refund for IAPs “made by a minor” have until April 15th 2015 to submit their request.

Apple has sent emails to users who have recently made in-app purchases, the email contains steps that detail how to submit a request. The company will refund the charge if its satisfied that it was indeed made by a minor, without the authorization and consent of the parent or guardian.

The company tweaked how in-app purchases are billed in iOS 7.1. Previously whenever an in-app purchase was authorized, a 15 minute window was opened in which subsequent IAPs could be made without consent or authorization. Which is why incidents of children racking up charges on their parents’ credit cards have been so widely reported.

Now users have the option to close the window altogether. This means that whenever an in-app purchase is to be made, the iTunes account holder has to provide their credentials.

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