app-storeFor our friends and readers from other parts of the world, here’s some bad news for you guys. According to an iTunes Connect letter that Apple has been sending out to developers, it seems that Apple will be raising the prices in its iTunes App Store in order to account for the changes in foreign exchange rates.

As it stands only five regions are affected by these changes which includes Australia, India, Indonesia, Turkey, and South Africa. Apple will also be raising the retail prices for Israel while decreasing some price tiers for New Zealand. For the most part it seems that purchasing from these countries’ App Stores will now be more expensive although we’re not sure by exactly how much.

Just last week it was suggested that prices in the UK could increase as well. This is because the British government is considering applying the 20% VAT onto digital downloads. Previously digital downloads from platforms such as iTunes or Google Play weren’t affected by the 20% VAT, a loophole which the British government is hoping to close.

The last time Apple bumped prices in the UK was back in 2011, so we doubt that iTunes users in the UK will be too pleased about yet another price bump, this time by 20% after three years. What do you guys think? Any of our readers from those countries listed above upset by this price hike?

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