john-sculleyFor anyone who has done their research on Apple and studied their history, you might recall John Sculley as being the company’s former CEO. In fact he was the one that Steve Jobs personally invited to join the company which eventually led to him playing a role in Steve Jobs’ unceremonious removal from the company he helped build.

However that is a story for another time, but it looks like John Sculley has been active and according to reports, it seems that Sculley is planning on heading over to India to launch a new smartphone brand. The brand has yet to be revealed but according to the reports, the company plans on releasing their own smartphones as early as next month.

Apparently these smartphones will target customers who are shopping on a budget, and some of their plans includes a smartphone that will sell for as low as only $82, while going as high as $244, which as far as smartphones are concerned is still considered to be pretty cheap and relatively affordable.

Unfortunately there isn’t much information regarding these handsets, such as its specs or platform, but there is a good chance that they might turn to Android. After all with Microsoft still charging to license the Windows Phone platform, turning to Android could be a cheaper and more affordable solution.

In any case chances are the phone will also most likely remain as an exclusive in India, or at most head on to other emerging markets around the world. Will Sculley’s smartphone be able to hold up against the competition from the likes of Nokia in India?

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