Business cards are typically a straightforward affair. They contain your name, the company you work for, your contact details, and your position in the company. Of course sometimes there are some out there who get a little creative with their business cards, although admittedly they pale in comparison to the Arduboy.

In case the name wasn’t a giveaway, this is a business card powered by Arduino. It was put together by Kevin Bates who felt that he wanted something a little different from your typical business cards.

In fact the Arduboy is almost as thin as real business cards, but the kicker is that it is electronic and will actually play games on it, such as Tetris as demonstrated in the video above. How cool is that?! The card itself sports a tiny OLED display and a micro controller with touch sensitive buttons whose layout reminds us of the Gameboy, but then again we guess Bates wasn’t trying to hide that fact when he named it the Arduboy.

The card will also pack tiny speakers and with the right code, one could even draw images on the screen and so on. At the moment Bates is looking to crowdfund the project in order to make more of it which in turn can be used by others out there looking to make an impact when they hand out their business cards.

It is admittedly a pretty cool idea and a great way to kill some time while on the go too! So, who else wouldn’t mind getting their hands on the Arduboy?

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