batteryboxWhen it comes to the average Joe on the street these days, he or she would most probably have at least one personal electronics device, ranging from a smartphone to a possible combination of a tablet, GPS navigation device and possibly a laptop to boot. However, there are times in life when we actually forget to juice up these devices of ours the night before prior to the next day at work, which means the batteries on such devices would begin to run low – and it might get in the way of your productivity if you do not find a nearby power outlet. I guess this is why peripherals like the BatteryBox has a niche to fill.

The BatteryBox claims to be a new portable battery that is capable of carrying enough power within to fully charge eight iPhones as well as provide another dozen hours of juice for your MacBook Air to function, even five years after purchasing it. The BatteryBox will not lose its capacity over time unlike other models, since it relies on a new energy management system that is known as BatteryOS, where it will be able to keep track of what is going on within the Lithium-Ion battery, making sure that power is specially optimized to prevent any kind of degradation from happening.

This has led it to claims that the battery can handle 96% of its original capacity after 3,000 charges and discharges, which is nearly double the amount of time without the system in place. The asking price for the 12,000mAh BatteryBox? $139 a pop.

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