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BlackBerry Z3 Heads To Singapore Next
BlackBerry has largely played it safe this year. It didn’t try to bounce back in the device market early on when it was still trying to fix its financial woes. Instead the company teamed up with Foxconn to release a low-end device aimed squarely at emerging markets. Thus the BlackBerry Z3 was born and it started off its journey from Indonesia. After a launch that was off to a “good […]

BlackBerry Z3 'Extremely Well Received' In Key Emerging Markets
BlackBerry has only launched one new device this year and that was the Z3. Codenamed “Jakarta,” the device made its debuted exclusively in Indonesia. After it performed well in the market there the device was then expanded to a handful of other emerging markets, including India. The company priced it around $200 to make sure that it went up against Android phones in the low-end category. In a recent interview the […]

BlackBerry Z3 Hong Kong Launch Announced
The BlackBerry Z3 has certainly come under scrutiny recently, having seen a relatively good launch (although the ailing company is still far from being revived back to its heydays), with word that it will also roll out in the Middle East as well as in Malaysia later this month. Well, another country in Asia has just seen the BlackBerry Z3 announced, and it would be Hong Kong that gets to […]

BlackBerry Z3 Set To Land In The Middle East Next Month
BlackBerry has been very cautious with the roll out of the only smartphone it has released so far this year. It has every reason to be, since it lost nearly a billion dollars in inventory write-down last year due to devices that didn’t sell as well as it had hoped. The BlackBerry Z3 was initially launched in Indonesia and it is believed to have performed fairly well there. A few months later […]


BlackBerry Z3 Malaysia Launch Confirmed For July 7th
BlackBerry has a lot riding on the Z3. It is the first smartphone born out of its five-year partnership with Foxconn. The BlackBerry Z3 was first released in Indonesia though the company never said that it wouldn’t make its way to other markets. We heard a few weeks back that the Z3 could be launched in India and Malaysia. Today the final date for BlackBerry Z3 Malaysia launch has been […]

BlackBerry Z3 Launch In India Expected On June 25th
This year’s almost half over and BlackBerry has got nothing to show for it. Since its management shakeup last year the company has focused on its survival and hasn’t really competed in the cutthroat smartphone market. Instead of launching a high-end device this year it put its future in the hands of the Z3, a low-end smartphone developed in collaboration with Foxconn. BlackBerry Z3 was off to a good start in […]

BlackBerry Z3 Launch In Malaysia And India Rumored
Back at MWC 2014 in February BlackBerry announced the first smartphone that it has built in collaboration with Foxconn. The BlackBerry Z3, codenamed Jakarta, was exclusively launched in Indonesia first. Reports from the country indicate that the smartphone is off to a good start there. The company hasn’t closed the door on the possibility of it being launched elsewhere, even as an LTE enabled smartphone in the U.S., its possible […]

BlackBerry Z3 Launch Off To A Good Start
Soon after BlackBerry shuffled top management it announced a five year deal with Foxconn which makes it responsible for design and manufacturing of low-cost smartphones that run BB OS and carry BlackBerry’s name. The first device was unveiled at MWC 2014. BlackBerry Z3 is exclusive to Indonesia right now but multiple reports reveal that the smartphone is off to a good start, something which the company certainly needs.

BlackBerry Z3 Pre-Orders Finally Begin
At Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona BlackBerry announced the first smartphone that it has built in collaboration with Foxconn. The BlackBerry Z3 is an entry-level smartphone destined primarily for emerging markets. Set to be launched, and presumably shipped as well on May 13th, BlackBerry Z3 pre-orders are now being accepted by carriers and retailers in Indonesia.

BlackBerry Z3 Spotted In New Hands-On Photos
There is nothing quite like a hands-on photo gallery to show the world that a particular device is actually out there in the flesh, and is about to be released to the masses, if it hasn’t been done so already. The BlackBerry Z3, which also carries the codename Jakarta, happens to be revealed in a bunch of hands-on photos which you can check out in greater detail after the jump.

BlackBerry Z3 Compared With Z10 And Z30
BlackBerry Z3 hasn’t been seen much in the flesh ever since it was unveiled back at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona. The company’s new low-end smartphone has been designed and developed in collaboration with Foxconn. Its initially destined for emerging markets, though BlackBerry has confirmed that an LTE variant will make its way to markets like the U.S. A picture has popped up online in which the BlackBerry Z3 […]

BlackBerry 10.2.1 Arrives On Verizon’s BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Z30
Waiting can be a rather strong feeling, where one feels the need to do something and yet nothing good would come out of the situation either as patience is drawn upon. Since BlackBerry announced the BlackBerry 10.2.1 update at the end of January, we are pleased to take note that Verizon has begun to introduce the new software to its BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Z30 smartphones.

BlackBerry Z30 Apps Will Automatically Be Available For The BlackBerry Z3
During MWC 2014, BlackBerry announced the BlackBerry Z3. The handset is the first device that resulted from BlackBerry and Foxconn’s partnership and will be a device targeted at emerging markets, such as Indonesia for example.Unfortunately the full hardware specifications of the BlackBerry Z3 were not revealed during its announcement, but presumably it won’t be packing high-end hardware if BlackBerry and Foxconn expect to make it affordable. The good news is […]

BlackBerry Z3 Could Pack 720p HD Display [Rumor]
Just last week during MWC 2014, BlackBerry announced the BlackBerry Z3 smartphone. This isn’t a new announcement per se since the phone had been leaked and rumored about several times ahead of its announcement where it was known by its codename, Jakarta.The phone would be the first phone resulting from BlackBerry and Foxconn’s efforts, and it is admittedly not exactly a phone with the most amazing specs. The device was […]

BlackBerry Z3 Smartphone Announced
Sure enough according to the rumors and the reports, BlackBerry did announce a new handset at MWC 2014 and it came in the form of the BlackBerry Z3, or as it was known by its codename, the BlackBerry Jakarta. This is one of the first of many smartphones that BlackBerry will be producing in their partnership with Foxconn. 

Alleged BlackBerry Jakarta/Z3 Render Leaked
We have been hearing about the BlackBerry Jakarta for a while now. The handset is said to be the first of many devices to be made under the BlackBerry-Foxconn banner and is expected to be a budget device aimed at emerging markets, although how exactly it will look like remains to be seen, but what we do know is that it will not feature BlackBerry’s trademark physical QWERTY keyboard, but […]