I am quite sure that Hanna Barbera’s cartoons do bring back plenty of fond memories to many of us, with the futuristic The Jetsons being one of them, long before the likes of Star Trek and Star Wars made their respective appearances. The Jetsons did come with a future which was full of robots as well as pets that were intelligent enough to hold a conversation with you. The world that they lived in back then was entirely unrealistic, but it does seem that over time, technology in the real world might have been playing catch up, and have done so pretty well to boot. The Commute-Case is definitely a move in the right direction.


Just what is the Commute-Case all about? It happens to be a real-life electric commuter vehicle which can be folded up into a briefcase, where you can then turn it to a trolley bag or simply pick it up with but a single hand. Apart from that, it also happens to be a fully-functional briefcase, where there is more than enough room for your computer as well as other essential items.

The Commute-Case tips the scales at 27 lbs., where it has a 25 mile range as well as weight capacity of 275 pounds. Of course, you will not break any land speed records with this baby at a top speed of just 12.5 mph, but at least it is a whole lot faster than walking to your destination, right? Being weatherproof, the Commute-Case even sports a cup holder and a dock for your smartphone. The normal price for the Commute-Case stands at $6,000, but Green Energy Motors is offering reserved units for 50 percent off at the moment.

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