Inflatable crash helmetIf you’ve ever disliked the idea of wearing helmets while biking because it messes with your hairdo – you’re not alone. Well, a Swedish design company named Hövding has come up with a special crash helmet that resembles nothing like a helmet – until activated. This will allow you to look as stylish as possible while riding a bike (you can simply cover the huge neck collar with some sort of scarf) and you’ll have your hairstyle just as it looked like before you left the house (minus the changes done by the wind of course). The crash collars are worn around the neck and have the ability to detect the difference between an accident or a strange movement, allowing the safety hood to quickly inflate (.1 seconds) and protect the wearer’s head. The crash collar even has a blackbox to record the movements of a wearer pre-crash (for insurance purposes?) and contains a small battery that can be recharged via USB. And because the helmet is only usable once, Hövding will be offering discounts on your next helmet if you return them the first one. Which is a good idea, considering that these helmets don’t come cheap. Starting at $470, these crash helmets will go on sale in Europe soon.

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