For those unfamiliar, Cortana is an upcoming Windows Phone feature that will be Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri and Google Now. The feature is rumored to be part of the Windows Phone 8.1 update and so far we’ve managed to see a couple of screenshots, giving us a clue as to what to expect.

Well the good news is that if screenshots weren’t enough to do the feature justice, you might be interested to learn that Cortana has since been caught on video and uploaded onto YouTube, courtesy of UnleashThePhones.

According to the video, it shows that users are required to sign in with their Microsoft account as well as pick a name for yourself so that the voice assistant will be able to refer to you. Chances are we might be seeing a lot of Master Chief names being used, thanks to Cortana spawning from the popular Halo series of games for the Xbox.

Also from what we can tell there is a pretty lengthy setup process involved with Cortana before you go jump right in and use it, unlike Siri and Google Now which pretty much works right out of the box. However we reckon these settings will allow you to determine its use better and provides more customizability which we’re sure some users might appreciate.

We still have no solid release date for the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update, but word has it that spring is a possible candidate as far as timeframes are concerned, so we’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled for it. In the meantime you can check out the video above to get an idea of what to expect.

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