Are all drones peaceful? Not so on the battlefield, although the likes of the Amazon Prime Air program would be welcome by folks with open arms. The CUPID drone might sound as though it is oozing with love and will do its bit to send that engagement ring over to the table, but it actually packs a whopping 80,000-volt stun gun. Yes sir, CUPID is short for Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone, where it sports a powerful stun gun that ought to be a terrifying prospect for those who are on the receiving end.

While 80,000 volts might not sound as though it is that deadly, do bear in mind that police tasers could deliver approximately 50,000 volts, and the effects are already less than welcome if you were to be tased. The video shown above points to the CUPID drone taking down an intern, where the intern remains down after that. Hopefully he would have recovered by then. Chaotic Moon’s co-founder and chief innovation officer, William “Whurley” Hurley, shared, “We thought a lot about how could this be used. Perhaps there’s a raid on a house and somebody runs. Why send somebody with a gun chasing him down the alley? The drone could just go and detain them and then you could just go and pick them up.”

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