datastickiesDon’t you just love concepts? They are able to let your imagination fly free, since there is no need to worry about stuff like the limitations of the laws of physics and what not. The USB flash drive has become such a staple device for all of us, that I would say most of us own at fair number of these even right now. Just when you thought that using a USB flash drive is all too easy; after all, it cannot get easier than plug and play, here is the conceptual dataSTICKIES USB flash drive which might be the template for data storage sometime down the road.

The whole idea of the dataSTICKIES is to create mini Post-It notes of sorts, except for the fact that these will contain a thin layer of graphene. Graphene happens to be the lightest material known to man at this point in time, where a couple of layers of protective material with graphene sandwiched in between would allow the dataSTICKIES to carry 32GB of storage space. All you need to do is stick it on your computer, and data will transfer through, just like that. The conductive layer on top ought to make it function like a regular USB port. As to the possibility of this happening, it remains to be seen, but considering how we’ve sent man to the moon, why not?

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