It disappeared almost as quickly as it became a global sensation. A couple of months back a retro styled game was all the rage. Called Flappy Bird, the objective of this game was quite simple. Clear obstacles made out of pipes that the bird encounters, and the bird is only controlled by simple tapping of the display. This turned out to be a lot more frustrating than it sounds, some people may even have smashed their phones in frustration. Developer Dong Nguyen then removed the game. He has confirmed today though that Flappy Bird for iOS will definitely make its return.

The developer’s claims that the reason why he took down the game is because people were getting too hung up on it. Some believe that he may even have been threatened with legal action by Nintendo. Whatever the truth is, there’s no doubting this game’s popularity and its highly likely that a lot of people are waiting for its return.

Nguyen did hint at the possibility of Flappy Bird coming back in an interview earlier this month. Today he was asked on Twitter if he has any plans of putting the game back on the App Store. He replied yes, “but not soon.”

In the interview he said that he was “considering” putting the game back. It appears now that he has made up his mind. Nguyen did say that if the game was to make its return, it would come with a warning that will tell users to take a break when they’ve been playing for too long.

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