google-play-music-all-accessInternet search giant Google is offering a couple of months of free, on-demand music to those who actually purchased selected models of Chromebooks. This offer is good from now all the way to September 30th, where a purchase of the majority of the Chromebook models out there would qualify one for a free 60 day pass to give Google’s online music streaming service known as Google Play Music All Access a go.Normally, a Google Play Music All Access subscription would cost approximately $10 per month, and Google tends to offer new subscribers a 30-day free trial. This would result in a net savings of just $10, but hey – a penny saved is a penny earned, is it not? Hence, a two month free trial period ought to offer more than enough opportunity and time to decide as to whether you would want to continue forking out a monthly commitment for Google’s music streaming service.

Do bear in mind that one will have to cancel one’s membership prior to the 60 days being over, assuming you would not want to continue paying since you will be billed automatically the moment the free trial is over. As long as your country offers Google Play Music All Access, this offer from Google stands. [G+ Post]

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