freedompop-privacyJust how secure do you think your smartphone is? After all, we can never quite tell just what the government is up to these days, and FreedomPop, one of the fastest growing mobile service companies in the US today, has announced the new FreedomPop Privacy Phone that will feature built in VPN, anonymous voice as well as payment by Bitcoin, now how about that? The FreedomPop Privacy Phone is touted to be the only smartphone as well as mobile service that enables encrypted communications. The whole idea of this handset is to protect Americans’ privacy, where you can chat and text away without fretting as to whether what you say or type is compromised. The handset has been given the nickname, the “Snowden Phone,” which is rather apt, don’t you think so?

The Privacy Phone would take advantage of FreedomPop’s VoIP network, as well as enabling encrypted communication for both voice calls and text messages. The handset will make use of 128-bit encryption, which is the similar proven encryption that is trusted by banks and government agencies everywhere. Apart from that, all of your application and Internet data will be sent via a secure encrypted virtual private network (VPN) for anonymous Internet browsing, ensuring that you remain shielded from the threat of viruses, phishing websites and other malware.

The Privacy Phone is highly affordable at $189 a pop, where it has the Samsung Galaxy 2 as the “base”, boasting unlimited voice and text, in addition to 500MBs of data for three months, followed by a monthly cost of $10 afterwards. Want to truly maintain your anonymity? Make your payment via Bitcoin.

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