google-nexus-5-red-006The Nexus 5’s camera is not the best in the market, nor is it the worst. Although prior to the update, there was a lot to complain about the camera’s quality and responsiveness, which Google address in later updates.

However it seems that if you have updated your Nexus 5 to the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update, chances you might have encountered this bug with the camera that not only makes your device run super hot, but at the same time drains the phone’s battery considerably.

Basically what happens is that there is a bug that maxes out the phone’s CPU when the camera app is launched, thus causing it to work extremely hard which then results in the overheating and battery drain. There is no word on what it causing the issue, but apparently it has only been spotted in the Android 4.4.2 update for the phone.

Personally I have not experienced this problem myself on my Nexus 5, so perhaps not everyone’s phone is affected. However the good news is that Google is currently working on fixing the issue which should be patched in Android 4.4.3, presumably.

As it stands the problem has been identified only on the Nexus 5, meaning that if you’re using a different brand and model, you should be safe, although Google does suggest that you file your complain on the forums should your device start acting up as well.

Any of our readers with Nexus 5 handsets experience this bug with the camera as well?

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