14.03.11-Purchase_CompleteApple has in the past been sued on multiple occasions regarding its in-app purchase system. While the system itself is perfectly legit, parents have found to their horror that their kids have racked up thousands of dollars in in-app purchases without their knowledge.

To Apple’s credit, they have since offered refunds to those who might have been affected by this issue. Apple has also reportedly been trying to get this issue down pat in line with the FCC, and it looks like they are taking steps in iOS 7.1 to ensure that customers cannot say that they were not warned beforehand.

For those who have yet to make an in-app purchase in iOS 7.1, your future purchases will now prompt a popup message like the one pictured above, in which it will remind users that their in-app purchases are good for the next 15 minutes without having to re-enter their iTunes App Store password again.

The window will also provide users access to the in-app purchase settings where they are able to adjust its settings and limitations to help prevent bill shock on credit cards in the future. It should be noted that this 15 minute window has been around for sometime now since 2008, but new users or those less tech savvy might not know about it, so hopefully this popup window will help clear some confusion.

Not to mention this will also do away with excuses of ignorance. What do you guys think? Will this message now make parents more aware of in-app purchases and the 15 minute window? And will we start lessing less lawsuits in the future?

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