new-blackberry-ceoWhile BlackBerry is trying to find its next great product to turn things around for the company, they cannot forsake their current customers, who despite everything, have remained fiercely loyal to the Canadian company, and that’s what BlackBerry’s new CEO, John Chen, will be doing.

In a recent interview that John Chen did with the New York Times, he was quoted as saying that he would be taking a leaf out of Steve Jobs’ book and instead of focusing purely on creating a new product, he would turn his attention to the company’s current customer base.

“I watched Steve Jobs on YouTube, when he came back to Apple. He got up and said, ‘I don’t have a new product, I’m insanely focused on my customer base.’ That’s me now.” In fact we are already seeing signs of Chen doing just that by creating products like the BlackBerry Q20.

The BlackBerry Q20 was one of the phones that BlackBerry announced at MWC 2014 and instead of opting for a phablet-like design and going full touchscreen, Chen opted to bring back more physical buttons like the integrated trackpad along with the rest of the “tool belt”.

Based on the comments left by you guys, it would seem that despite it being illogical that Chen would be bringing the company further back into its older ways rather than moving forward, many are receptive to this idea. After all BlackBerry has been known to create smartphones with excellent physical keyboards.

Chen later adds, “I’ve got 80,000 BlackBerry enterprise servers, in a ‘Who’s Who’ of government, legal, Wall Street, hospitals. I need to work better with those channels.” Is Chen headed in the right direction with BlackBerry? What do you guys think?

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