tokyo-mario-kartWe have seen Mario and Luigi get around in Tokyo in the past, but that might just be a preview of things to come. Surely we have not seen a full blown Mario Kart race on the streets of Tokyo, right? Surely observers would have heard of Rémi Gaillard before, the audacious Frenchman of YouTube fame who is the brainchild behind many an illegal street Mario Kart antic, is also familiar with having the authorities chase him down. Japanese Twitter users have managed to capture Mario and friends driving around Shibuya, which means a real-life Mario Kart scenario has unfolded in the business of Tokyo itself.

This is no random event – far from it. It happens to be an actual organized event that was put on by event club which is known as Tokyo Gaijins. This particular group happens to be based in Tokyo, where they organize trips and activities around Japan. Tokyo Gaijins’ self description goes like this, “We are not a travel company, we are just a big bunch of gaijins and some Japanese hanging-out, partying, playing sports and enjoying the Japanese outdoors.”

Street go-karting events are held from time to time in a calendar year, where anyone in possession of a Japanese or international driver’s license will be able to suit up (not with an Iron Man armor) and enjoy the streets of Tokyo from a new perspective. 6,500 yen will net you a 2-hour go-kart rental, gasoline refill, picture and video as you drive around, in addition to accident insurance.

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