Over the years, we’ve seen people take their love for Mario Kart to the streets with even students at MIT joining in on the Mario Kart fun. But leave it to Japan to take something like a real-life Mario Kart and completely take it to the next level.

The two Mario Kart fans were spotted on the mean streets somewhere in Japan by a friend of Redditor justicefreedomlogic. Both “Mario” and “Luigi” were seen zipping down a freeway in Mario Kart-inspired vehicles that resembled the very karts both Mario and Luigi drive in their respective game series. Not only were their karts decked out in a Mario and Luigi paint scheme, but both drivers even dressed up as the iconic characters during their drive.

Since they were seen in the middle of a freeway, the person who took the photos probably wasn’t able to ask them any questions as to who they are and why exactly they’re driving around in go-karts along with actual vehicles. Regardless of their complete insanity, these two certainly have earned my respect.

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