inkphoneThe MIDIA InkPhone that you see above happens to be a new kind of e-reader which enables you to read your favorite books in the digital format, but it is also able to function as a smartphone. Through the MIDIA InkPhone, you will be able to share what you think about a particular passage with your fellow reading sojourners and hopefully, they will be able to chip in with their two cents as well. The MIDIA InkPhone is an Onyx manufactured device, where the company hails from Poland. It will carry a 4.3” E Ink display, where it will function as one of the most basic handsets around.

The E Ink display allows the InkPhone to last up to two weeks on a single charge, where underneath the hood, it will run on a RockChip processor alongside a small amount of RAM on board. Fret not about the 4GB of internal memory, it also sports a microSD memory card slot for expansion purposes. The MIDIA InkPhone will arrive in Germany and Poland next month, with a starting price tag of €140 a pop. Would you find reading e-books on a 4.3″ display to be way too small compared to what you have been familiar with all this while?

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