camera-bikeIn this day and age, it is pretty easy to identify a security camera, as most of these come in either one of two form factors – a dome-shaped device, or one that looks like a cylinder. Well, a Japanese security company known as Japan Security System Co, Ltd. intends to make a splash by introducing a new design for their security camera which will target hotel lobbies as well as upmarket storefronts. This new design happens to come in the form factor of a motorcycle. Yes, it could not be too obvious than this, could it?

Like most things in life, there is a very rational explanation for this unique form factor for a security camera. The artist who was commissioned to design this security camera is known as Chicara Nagata, and he has this thing for motorcycle design, resulting in a motorcycle that boasts of a 360-degree field of view.

The head and tail lights have been specially replaced by off-the-shelf video cameras, while the overall minimalist design of the bike will also be accompanied by a couple of side-facing cameras that are carefully installed right in front of the extremely small seat. A small 49cc engine, a gas tank that is barely worthy of its name and no brakes complete this security camera.

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