Another day and another Smartwatch… less than a month after MWC, where numerous wearable devices were launched, Motorola just unveiled its own Smartwatch, powered by Android Wear, also announced today.

We have received the information this morning and Motorola is sharing absolutely no information about the specifications, the exact availability date and the price. According to the dedicated website, the moto 360 will be available “this summer”.

From the official blog post and what we learned this morning about Android Wear, we know that users will be able to activate voice commands by saying “Ok Google”,  to ask for a game score, a flight schedule, to set up an appointment in the calendar, to write a text message or a note or to set the alarm clock.

Focusing on voice commands for a wearable device is a smart move, knowing that users like to use it while driving or running. And it is a noticeable competitive advantage against Tizen for example, since Android provides the best voice interpreter on the market.

"I AM AGREEABLY SURPRISED BY THE UNIQUE DESIGN"I am agreeably surprised by the unique design, it is rare to see a rounded shape in the smartwatch world. From the product pictures provided by the manufacturer, the Moto 360 looks like a real watch that is comfortable to wear. The elegant hardware design, despite its rounded shape, allows for a good readability of the information, thanks to the good-looking user interface (from the pictures). The default watch face shown on the pictures makes the device really looks like a traditional watch, which may be appealing to the people who appreciate high end watches.

I can’t wait to see the product and get my hands on it!

As usual in the Smartwatch World, it is targeted to only 50% of the population, aka men. Women are now the majority of new technology users, however it looks like that the “Watch With Intelligence” is not one of them. In fact, it is not going to happen any time soon, since the majority of smartwatch designs are made for men… Please note that I am ok with wearing those watches, however, I am sure that good portion of the female market would rather have access to different options.

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