android-4.4-kitkatOver the years we’ve seen Google release many versions of Android. For the most part they’re progressive and have made changes and improvements to the Android operating system. However we’ve also seen how Google attempts to target specific devices and markets with different builds of Android.

For example we saw Honeycomb which attempted to target Android tablets. We also have Android KitKat which is aimed at Android devices in general, but focuses on devices with less powerful hardware, and recently Google has also announced Android Wear, a build of Android that targets wearables.

So what’s next on the list for Google? Well according to a report from The Information (paywall), it seems that the next build of Android we can expect from Google will be aimed more at the business user.

While Android devices have made some inroads with enterprises, they’re not necessarily designed with enterprise use in mind. For example there might be productivity needs that Android does not have, or it might not have the security that enterprises require, and this is apparently what the next major Android release will feature: office-grade security.

According to The Information’s sources, the new build of Android will allow apps to require their own form of authentication, meaning that some apps might require biometrics in order to open to prevent sensitive information from being seen by unwanted parties. Data could also be saved onto secure chips, and will reportedly offer better remote management which does sound a bit like BlackBerry’s BES services.

There’s no telling if the report is true, but with Google I/O taking place in late June, we guess we will only have a few more months to wait to see if the rumors pan out. In the meantime what do you guys think?

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