When it comes to poking fun at the competition, Nokia has never been one to shy away from doing just that. In fact they recently made fun of Samsung for their attempts at sponsoring the Oscars by providing Ellen Degeneres with a Galaxy smartphone, calling the photos taken blur.

It’s interesting that Nokia is pretty daring especially given that as far as their position in the smartphone market is concerned, they’re not exactly leaders, especially in the face of other brands like Samsung and Apple. In fact despite reports that Windows Phone is on the rise, it is still pretty far behind both Android and iOS, but it seems that won’t stop Nokia from bragging anyway.

In a recent video that Nokia has uploaded, the Finnish company has decided to brag about their app store, which according to them plays home to about 200,000 Windows Phone apps. Granted this number pales in comparison when compared to the iTunes App Store and Google Play, they do make a good point when they ask, “Do I really need a thousand apps to turn on my flashlight?”

Having a strong ecosystem is important when it comes to choosing not just smartphones or tablets, but even consoles as well, as Nintendo’s Wii U is a good example of. While having key apps/games are indeed important, sometimes some users just want variety and wants to know that at the end of the day, there will be an app for what they want to do.

In any case you can check out the video above to see what Nokia has to say about their apps. What do you guys think? Does Nokia make a good point?

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