ps4-access-large14One of the reasons why Sony managed to price their PlayStation 4 console cheaper than the Xbox One ($399 versus $499) is because they did not bundle the PlayStation Camera together with the console. This is compared to Microsoft who sold the Xbox One together with the Kinect, which resulted in it being slightly pricier.

It seems that Sony might have underestimated the demand for the PlayStation Camera because according to Sony’s Chris Norden, he revealed during GDC 2014 that supply of the PlayStation 4 camera is severely constrained.

Norden affirms that Sony had underestimated the demand for the accessory and revealed that the camera had an attach rate of 15%, which is about 900,000 units since the PlayStation 4 has been estimated to have sold 6 million units to date.

As it stands it seems that trying to find stock of the PlayStation Camera via retailers is proving to be pretty hard, but Norden is asking PlayStation 4 owners to remain patient as Sony works to get more units available for gamers. The camera is priced at $60 although interestingly enough, GameStop has recently raised the price of the device to $70, presumably to cash in on the demand and the shortage of units available at the moment. We guess if you wanted to get your hands on the accessory and you don’t mind paying the extra $10, why not, but if you can wait, we expect other retailers should be honoring the $60 price tag once more units have been made available.

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