titanfall-downtimeWith every game out there comes cheaters. We guess when there is a will, there is a way. Games that are immune to cheats are rare and unheard of. Heck, even mobile games can be cheated with if one knows what kind of loopholes to exploit (which might explain those insane high scores gamers might encounter in Game Center).

Well for those who haven’t heard, Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall has recently been launched a few days ago, but already it seems that there are cheaters on the game. Thankfully though, Respawn has since identified those cheaters and will taking action to remove them from the game, lest the ruin the experience for everyone else.

According to a tweet by the developers, “Finding cheaters in Titanfall? So are we. We’re logging them now and they will be rooted out shortly.” By cheaters, what Respawn means are users who are using tools such as aimbots to help them get ahead in the game.

In case the term “aimbot” wasn’t obvious enough, it’s basically a cheat used mainly in FPS games that helps players acquire targets. So for gamers out there who aren’t particularly good at aiming for their targets, this is a tool that will make life so much more simpler, and so much more unfair.

Naturally such cheats are frowned upon by gamers and developers, so it’s good to know that Respawn is working on weeding them out ASAP. The other good news is that this cheat has been found on the PC version of Titanfall, meaning that gamers on the Xbox will not have to worry about it affecting their experience.

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