apple-carplayApple’s recently announced CarPlay is basically the company’s rebranding of iOS in the Car which was unveiled last year. For those who missed our recent coverage, it basically sees a form of iOS integrated into a vehicle’s infotainment unit where they will be able to pull up features such as Maps, Phone, Music, and more.

There will also be a button on the steering wheel of the vehicle that allows users to activate Siri on their phones without having to look at their phone, which is a great safety feature. However not everyone is sold on CarPlay and in a recent statement made by David Teater, he has expressed his concerns on CarPlay and possible future innovations by other companies.

Teater is the senior director at the National Safety Council, and in a recent statement, he was quoted as saying, “We’re very, very concerned about it. The auto industry and the consumer electronics industry are really in an arms race to see how we can enable drivers to do stuff other than driving.”

He does raise a good point, although companies such as Google and Apple have championed the fact that their technology in cars are supposed to make it safer and more intuitive. It is understandable with more features at our fingertips that we might become more distracted, but we guess only time will tell if these features will end up a distraction or if it might work out for the better.

What do you guys think? Are there safety issues in CarPlay that we need to be concerned about?

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