BlackBerry is always quick to tout its security certifications, generally it is believed that the company puts a lot of focus on safety and security when it develops a new device. It has certainly made a name for itself by being the first choice of most politicians, businessmen and government employees around the world, but a German company has been tinkering with its devices to make them ever more secure. While only the “Porsche Design” BlackBerry phones sell for over $2000, Secusmart’s models go for as high as $2700.

Both companies actually cooperative extensively on these exclusive models, which are then shipped to governments in various countries around the world. Even Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, uses a BlackBerry that has been beefed up by Secusmart’s technology. What that basically does is encrypt communications, particularly calls, so that the possibility of someone listening in is reduced to a great extent.

Secusmart CEO Hans-Christoph Quelle said that this niche is expanding now and that the company will look towards private customers now, apart from supplying its secure phones to governments and companies. Several recent BlackBerry models work with the company’s technology, an essential component of which is the microSD card, which functions as a separate storage drive which can’t be accessed even if the system is infiltrated.

The average user who wants more security can now pick one up, provided that he or she is willing to spend a colossal amount of money on a smartphone. Its certainly a better option for people who absolutely need to be certain that their communications are secure.

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