sony-a7r-leakAccording to a report from last week, there were some complaints by Sony A7 and A7r users that their cameras experienced a light leak issue. It was found that the lens mount was letting in light around the edges, which led to photographers trying all sorts of ways to temporarily plug up the leak while Sony figured it out.

So far we have seen the use of electrical tape to hair ties, with the latter apparently working better due to it not leaving behind sticky residue. In any case the good news is that apparently Sony knows what caused the light leak and how to fix it, which thankfully does not involve any product recalls (phew!).

According to a source of Sony Alpha Rumors, they claim that Sony’s service centers have discovered how to fix the leak. Apparently the problem was caused by an assembly issue which affected the mount ring, which in turn led to unncessary light being leaked into the camera’s sensors.

This was confirmed by Korean website, SLRclub who states that it is the mount ring that needs to be fixed in order to address this issue. What this means is that Sony A7 and A7r users who are affected by this can rest assured knowing that it is not an overly huge problem and that it might not take too long for their devices to be fixed and ready for use again.

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