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Sony RX100 VII Camera: My ExperienceEditor's Pick
Sony calls the $1299 Sony RX100 VII a camera with “Pro features” in a to-go package and targets a creative crowd of professionals and influencers willing to spend to streamline their ultramobile camera setup.

Sony RX10 III Hands-On + Photo Samples
Sony has just released its brand new Cyber-shot RX10 mark III camera which features an impressive 25X optical zoom with image stabilization (24-600mm, f2.4-f4.0). The other feature that is of particular interest is the ability to capture movies at up to 960 frames per second (FPS), which allows for extreme slow-motion (~40X), for a consumer camera.

Sony Could Announce New Camera Products On The 23rd Of April [Rumor]
Sony will be present at the World Photography Awards and according to a report from Sony Alpha Rumors, they have heard from their sources that Sony could be announcing a new product at the event. The company will be hosting a press briefing on the 23rd of April which is the middle of the award and the briefing is expected to last a little over an hour.At this point in […]

Sony Could Announce 50MP In The Near Future [Rumor]
If you’re a Sony fan and if you’re wondering when Sony might announce a new high-end camera that could potentially compete with the Canon 5DS, it seems that you might be getting your answer in the next few weeks if the rumors are to be believed. According to a report from Sony Alpha Rumors, word has it that Sony has a 50MP camera in the works that is due for […]


Sony A7s Priced In The UK At £2,500 Body-Only
When Sony officially unveiled the Sony A7s, they did not mention how much it would cost, but thanks to a retailer in the UK who has started taking pre-orders, we can get an idea of how much the camera could cost, and boy does it not come cheap!According to the retailer, WexUK, they have started taking pre-orders for the Sony A7s and have priced the camera at £2,500 for the […]

Sony A77II Could Be Announced At The World Photography Awards Exhibition [Rumor]
We have been hearing quite a number of rumors lately regarding the Sony A77’s successor, which at the moment is currently tipped to be the A77II. According to earlier rumors, apparently the camera is due for an announcement in May and now according to Sony Alpha Rumors, they are “confirming” that this is true.Apparently they have been tipped off by one of their highly trusted sources who revealed to them […]

Sony A6000 For US Could Begin Shipping Next Week [Rumor]
If there’s one thing about pre-order is that you’d have to wait for the product to be released at its given date and time before you are able to get your hands on it. Sure, you might have secured the product ahead of everyone else but the waiting period is probably pretty excruciating, no?Well the good news for those who pre-ordered the Sony A6000 camera in the US is that […]

Alleged Leaked Sony Camera Slide Reveals Sony's High-End Plans
Camera manufacturers like Sony create devices for all sorts of photographers. From devices that target families and simple users, to high-end devices that target the enthusiast and the professional photographer, but it looks like Sony’s strategy for 2014 could be changing, at least according to an alleged leaked slide.The leaked slide was posted by Korean website Naver and according to the translation, it seems that Sony will be entering “Phase […]

Sony A6000 Pre-Orders Reportedly Begins Shipping In Asia And Europe
The Sony A6000 was announced back in early February 2014 and if you were wondering when you’d be able to get your hands on the camera, you might be interested to learn that Sony has reportedly begin shipping out pre-orders for the camera over in markets like Asia and Europe.What this means is that if you didn’t place your pre-order, we expect you should be able to head on over […]

Alleged Sony A3500 Photos And Specs Leaked
Photographers if you’re in the market for a new camera, perhaps you might be interested in checking out the Sony A3500, a camera which will apparently be replacing the Sony A3000. We find that a little odd since the A3000 is less than a year old, but maybe Sony has their own reasons.The folks at Sony Alpha Rumors have managed to get their hands on several photos of the upcoming […]

Sony A6000 Replaces The NEX-7, According To Sony Presentation Slide
We have been hearing rumors about how the Sony NEX-7 camera would be getting a successor, although the question is, has its successor already been revealed? Earlier in February, Sony announced the A6000 which was supposed to be an in-between camera for the Sony NEX-5T and the Sony A65, but as it turns it the camera might actually be a replacement for the NEX-7.This is according to a recent Sony […]

Sony A7 & A7r Light Leaked Reportedly Caused By Mount Ring, Can Be Fixed
According to a report from last week, there were some complaints by Sony A7 and A7r users that their cameras experienced a light leak issue. It was found that the lens mount was letting in light around the edges, which led to photographers trying all sorts of ways to temporarily plug up the leak while Sony figured it out.So far we have seen the use of electrical tape to hair […]

Sony A77II Rumored For May Announcement
We have been hearing a lot about the Sony A77’s successor, which at the moment is apparently going to be known as the A77II which is a little odd as far as naming schemes are concerned. Unfortunately there has not been word on when the camera could be launched, and safe to say that photographers who hoped it would be revealed at CP+ in February are disappointed to say the […]

Sony Acknowledges A7 & A7r Light Leak Issue
Back in October 2013, Sony officially announced a couple of new cameras in the form of the Sony A7 and the A7r. What made these cameras so unique is that they not only use Sony’s E-mount lenses, but they’re compact, and they also came with full-frame sensors, truly making this a unique device and one for the professional who wanted something a little more portable.However it seems that not too […]

Sony A77II Could Be The A77's Successor [Rumor]
We’re sure there are photographers out there who can’t wait to see what Sony will introduce in the successor of the Sony A77. So far the specs the camera still remains somewhat of a mystery, but now according to a post by Sony Alpha Rumors, a few extra details have made their way online.For starters it seems that the Sony A77’s successor will officially be known as the Sony A77II, […]

Sony WX350 Compact Zoom Camera
Zoom cameras come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from DSLR cameras with extremely bulky zoom lenses, or DSLR-like cameras which are more compact and feature optical zoom, and then there are also the compact zoom cameras whose lens might not necessarily be as huge or as long as interchangeable lenses, but makes up for it by being slim and small enough to slip into your pocket. Sony’s DSC-WX350 is […]

Sony a6000 Camera Officially Launched
Sony puts an end to the a6000 (alpha 6000) camera by releasing the official specifications and information about it. First of all, keep in mind that this is an NEX-style interchangeable lens camera and not a DSLR camera. It’s not new, but if you missed it, Sony is phasing out the NEX product name, which will eventually be completely merged with the “Alpha” line of products. I know, it’s a […]

Sony HX400V and H400 Cameras Unveilled
With the Sony RX10, the company introduced a new processor in the form of the Bionz X. If you loved what you saw from the RX10, you might be interested to learn that Sony has brought the same processor and introduced it to some of its new cameras, such as the HX400V. The camera will feature a 20.4MP Exmor CMOS sensor and will pack a 50x optical zoom ZEISS Vari-Sonnar […]

New Sony E-mount Cameras Rumored For Announcement Next Week
Considering that the Sony NEX-7 was launched back in 2011, safe to say that it is about time that Sony come forward with a new camera that would be the successor of the NEX-7. Now we have heard the rumors that a successor could be in the works which might actually be shipped later this year in April, and now according to a new rumor from Sony Alpha Rumors, perhaps […]

Sony's QX10/QX100 Could Be Making Its Way Onto Tablets
Back in 2013, Sony announced the QX10 and the QX100 which were essentially camera lenses that you could attach to your smartphone. The great thing about the lenses was that it did not favor any particular device or platform, meaning that it worked on iPhones as well as non-Sony Android devices as well. Perhaps looking to further put an end to device discrimination, it seems that Sony could be considering […]