The Offline Glass from Mauricio Perussi on Vimeo.

With most of us being addicted to our phones, even when we’re out with friends we’re still constantly checking our messages, emails, social media, and so on, which kind of defeats the point of being at a social gathering to begin with, right? In fact it’s hard to imagine what we did back in the day when we didn’t have phones and tablets distracting us all the time!

Now bars are usually seen as places where people go to socialize over a few drinks and it seems that there has been a beer glass concept created by the Fischer and Friends ad agency in Brazil that aims to help us put our phones down and enjoy a drink with our friends.

Dubbed the Offline Glass, the concept is pretty simple: the based of the glass has been cut in half. What this means is that the glass will not be able to balance by itself and will require something to help balance it. So happens that the shape of the cutout base will fit a smartphone like the iPhone underneath it, so the idea is for the phone to act as the glass’s balance while we enjoy our drink and our time with our friends.

Of course there are some downsides to this idea, such as condensation and the possibility that our drinks could overflow and damage our phones, but since this is not an actual product, we guess its creators did not think that far ahead.

It’s a pretty awesome idea and we have to wonder if some enterprising company will start to produce glasses like these in the future. What do you guys think?

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