Tumblr today joins other top internet companies in adopting the two factor authentication standard. Users can configure it through the Settings section. Other companies such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google already use two factor authentication to make their users’ accounts more secure. While it isn’t exactly NSA proof, it should keep out nosy hackers.

The idea behind two factor authentication or TFA is very simple. In order to gain access, users must provide a password as well as a randomly generated code sent to them on their verified phone number. This may vary, but coupling of a password with an automatically generated code is one of the most common methods. This is the exact same method that Tumblr is using, once users enable TFA, it will send a unique code via SMS. Once the code is entered in the specified field, access will be granted.

In order to set up two factor authentication on Tumblr, users have to visit account settings and click on the “Enable” checkbox. They will then be asked to enter their phone number. After that, its simply a matter of following onscreen instructions to ensure that the Tumblr account is properly protected.

Once TFA has been turned on, users will need to generate a special one-time use password just so they can log in through Tumblr’s iOS and Android apps. There won’t be any need to memorize that password as it would only be required once.

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