blackberryIt hardly comes as a surprise to many that BlackBerry isn’t doing so hot at the moment. We’re not sure what it is, it could be that more people prefer iOS and Android compared to the BlackBerry platform, it could be the hardware, it could also be the ecosystem in which there aren’t as many BlackBerry apps compared to iOS and Android.

However BlackBerry has a new leader in the form of John Chen who promises to turn the company around. In fact Chen recently expressed that he had a 50-50 chance to turning things around which we’re not sure if it should be taken as a good or bad sign. However despite these changes, UK carrier Three does not think that it will work out.

In fact the carrier said that “BlackBerry was dying slowly.” During an interview with TrustedReviews, Three’s Portfolio Manager, Brendan Arndt, was quoted as saying, “The Windows Phone market is good for us. We’ve chosen that as our third ecosystem now that BlackBerry is dying off slowly.”

Three sounds particularly enamored with the Windows Phone platform, claiming that customer feedback has been great and in some cases even better than Android. Arndt later adds, “It has done really well at the mid and low end for us, the top end is still needing that killer product to make it a big success and I hope that is coming and coming soon.”

To a certain extent the survival of a platform or smartphone brand depends on carrier support. If a carrier does not have confidence in your product or is unwilling to promote it, these companies will have a hard time finding users.

This might explain why despite Apple’s reputation, they still attempted to land deals with carriers like China Mobile and NTT DOCOMO to increase their reach and growth.

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