usc-google-glassThe hallowed hallways of a university or other prestigious institutions of higher learning are meant to equip us with the knowledge required to pursue the area of interest that has bugged us since we were a kid, although many of us do work at a job which is totally unrelated to the course that we majored in. At the University of Southern California, it seems that a new course known as “Glass Journalism” is all set for the fall semester, where students are required to figure out the various ways that journalists are able to “tell” stories thanks to the wonders of augmented reality and Google Glass.

This is definitely a future forward move, as it remains a first-of-its-kind class for USC. Web-journalism professor Robert Hernandez does believe that this particular class would be able to offer a rare opportunity for journalism in order to remain one step ahead of a budding technology trend. Hernandez figured out that journalists have too long been followers instead of the trailblazers as they were supposed to be, and this class might just give the journalism industry a chance for the future.

Hernandez shared, “As someone who hijacks technology for journalism, I want to be proactive about shaping what journalism will look like on this. This platform is so new, no one has defined what journalism looks like on there. It’s such an opportunity for the journalism industry to jump on there.” He expects around a dozen students to join this class when it opens up.

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