windows-8.1-updateAccording to the reports, Microsoft’s Windows update, Windows 8.1, is expected to make its way out to users and developers in April. In fact last we heard, the update could be released to developers on the 2nd of April, while regular users can look forward to the update on the 8th of April.


Well the good news is that it looks like those dates could be on track and that we won’t be experiencing any delays. This is according to a tweet by WZor who has in the past leaked several details regarding the latest update.

Based on WZor’s latest tweet, he basically states that Windows 8.1 Spring Update 1 has since been signed off on, meaning that it is now final and should be good to go on those dates that we mentioned earlier. According to the build string, the build was compiled on the 21st of February, suggesting that the update could have been go to go a while back.

In any case until Microsoft actually announces the specific dates, we suggest that users not get their hopes up just yet. However in the meantime assuming that the build is final, there is a good chance that we might be able to see a leak of the build prior to its April rollout.

By then the build should be final meaning that if it does leak, what we see then will probably be in the update pushed out to users as well. So, any Windows 8 users eagerly anticipating the upcoming Windows 8.1 update?

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