WindowsXPpostApril2014B_r1_c1We know that there are many out there who aren’t pleased by Microsoft’s decision to end support for Windows XP. Given that the software is four generations old, it was only a matter of time before support was pulled and it is completely understandable. Avast, the company behind the anti-virus software for computers, was one of those who voiced their displeasure.

In a recent survey the company conducted, they found that out of the Windows XP users they survey, a surprising 21% of those users did not even know that support for Windows XP had been pulled in the early part of April. This is despite the amount of coverage that the topic had gotten and the amount of attention Microsoft was attempting to draw to it.

Interestingly despite the lack of support and the potential to open themselves up to more threats from virus and malware, 27% of Windows XP users they surveyed stated that they are not planning on doing anything. Unsurprisingly Avast is recommending that Windows XP users should download the latest version of their software.

The latest build is apparently designed for older PCs running on Windows XP in mind, so if your computer is old and still running Windows XP, perhaps this is one way of the ways you can keep yourself secure. Avast has also recommended that Windows XP users stay away from Internet Explorer as it is apparently an even bigger threat when used with Windows XP.

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