amazon-fire-tv-review-022So we have heard the rumors that Amazon is apparently planning on launching a smartphone of their own. These rumors have been making their rounds ever since Amazon announced their first Android-based tablet, and it seems that 2014 will be the year that we might finally be able to see the fruits of Amazon’s efforts.

That being said new rumors have surfaced which seems to suggest that Amazon could be looking to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering up their own data plan which is apparently called Prime Data. Typically when smartphones are launched, they require a data plan in order go online and these services are typically offered up by carriers.

However according to BGR, they claim that Amazon could be partnering up with AT&T to offer a data plan of their own specific to Amazon’s own smartphone. It is unclear as to what kind of benefits Prime Data will have over regular data, but given that Amazon has a Prime service of their own that allows streaming of videos and movies, perhaps that could be a feature offered to Amazon Prime Data subscribers as well.

It has been suggested that this Prime Data could be similar to AT&T’s Sponsored Data plan where AT&T will sell bandwidth to advertisers and companies that will be used outside of the user’s normal data plan. Assuming that is the case, Amazon could then allow users to stream movies and shows that might not necessarily eat into the user’s data cap.

It is a pretty good idea and we reckon that if Amazon could pull this off, it would definitely help set them apart from the competition, which at the moment appears to be more hardware focused. Amazon’s smartphone is also said to change the way we interact with our devices so it looks like Amazon could have a couple of cards up their sleeves.

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