bing-classroomMicrosoft intends to do their bit in giving the next generation of kids a taste of the Bing search engine by offering the ad-free Bing for Schools search engine across all schools in the U.S. This would cover all eligible kindergarten to 12th grade schools, and it will happen right after the pilot stage of this program is completed, with the first run having occurred across five large public school districts.

With Bing in classrooms, Microsoft intends to deliver on a promise to students that they will be able to enjoy an ad-free and safer search experience. Once the no-charge “Bing in the Classroom” program is activated, Bing will be able to perform searches from within the school network itself without coughing up any ads, and it will also do its bit to filter and block adult content whenever and wherever possible. Not only that, Microsoft will also stop the use of student searches when it comes to targeted advertising.

Talk about catching them while they are still young and impressionable – it does seem as though the idea is catching on, considering how this program now includes hundreds of districts that will cover more than 4.5 million kids across over 5,000 schools. Will they use Bing or Google in their homes and mobile devices? That remains a question that begs to be answered. [Press Release]

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