BlackBerry is soldiering on despite quarter after quarter of losses. The company looks towards the future as it aims to be profitable by 2015. To do that it must revamp its hardware offerings and improve software. BlackBerry is working hard on both fronts, with new devices expected in the coming months, as well a major software update. A video has appeared online of a very early BlackBerry 10.3 OS build, showing off some of the features that are expected in this update.

The company’s very own virtual private assistant is going to make its debut with BB10.3 OS. It has taken BlackBerry a lot of time to catch up to Siri, Google Now and even Microsoft’s Cortana, but hasn’t given up. Called Intelligent Assistant it basically does all the things that its rivals can do. In the video though it not exactly flawless. That said, given this is an early build, its likely that the company has ironed out a lot of the issues by now.

User interface tweaks include the removal of grey background behind app icons, which have been replaced by a minuscule drop shadow. BlackBerry Hub gets a flatter UI in this update, with accent color being changed from blue to orange. Camera app is set to receive new features as well, including a self timer, settings for HDR, new photo gallery and a panoramic mode.

BlackBerry hasn’t confirmed as yet when it is going to release OS 10.3 for supported devices.

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