BlackBerry-LogoIt is no secret that BlackBerry isn’t doing that well for themselves at the moment. It also seems that even in their home country of Canada, the company is starting to lose their grip on the market and according to a recent comScore report which focuses on the Canadian market, it seems that BlackBerry’s market share has slipped even further.

Back in December 2012, it was estimated that BlackBerry’s market share in Canada was sitting at 20% of the market, which we guess was somewhat decent. However fast forward to December 2013, BlackBerry’s market share has dropped to 15%.

It also seems that the competition has managed to catch up because comScore notes that Android has managed to grow by 10% in that one year, while iOS has grown by 5%, and now command 47% and 37% of the market respectively. We guess BlackBerry can take solace in knowing that they’re in third place compared to Windows Phone which sits at a measly 2%.

With the Canandian company sporting a new CEO in tow, we have to wonder if they will be able to turn things around, or maybe comScore’s next report will equally, if not more depressing. What do you guys think? Will John Chen be able to turn things around for BlackBerry?

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