3dprinting-houseThey say that one can be considered fortunate already if one has a roof over one’s head, but I suppose that our human instinct to want something better and bigger will easily overshadow what we have. Well, a Chinese company known as Winsun certainly hopes to build homes for the masses in the future within the shortest possible time, thanks to a 3D printer.

That’s right, a 3D printer, where it is capable of actually churning out 10 houses in under 24 hours, now how about that? The houses will be small and look plain from the outside, but do imagine the possibilities of this idea being extended to a more altruistic course – such as using it to temporarily house victims of a natural disaster (earthquakes, floods, typhoons, etc.) while waiting for aid to arrive.

These homes were constructed from predominantly recycled materials, and would cost less than $5,000 a pop, which makes it an attractive proposition when it comes to those living in developing countries. Winsun’s 3D printer goes about this task by building blocks that will require the layering up of a cement/glass mix in structural patterns. With the diagonally reinforced print pattern, there is more than enough room for air gaps to function as insulation. These blocks will be printed first in a central factory, before going through rapidly assembled on site.

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