SONY DSCModern day office executives and road warriors do carry plenty of gizmos with them, and there are moments of forgetfulness when you miss out on charging your smartphone despite having a full day’s itinerary ahead. Fret not, Cerevo Inc. of Japan has come up with a mobile rechargeable battery that is known as the EneBrick, where it can connect a USB-connected keyboard to a smartphone, tablet, or other compatible devices via Bluetooth, all the while juicing the connected device’s battery if you so desire.

Basically, this ¥12,800 EneBrick (which will cost roughly $124 after conversion) ought to have already begun shipping, and it will boast of 3 main functions. First of all, it intends to wirelessly hook up a USB-connected keyboard to a smartphone or tablet device, and secondly, it will help the smartphone or tablet in question to remain upright in the slit of its “body”, letting you view the contents with ease. Last but not least, it also functions as a portable battery to power up any thirsty gadgets.

For aesthetic purposes, the battery’s slit can be closed simply by sliding a part of the body, and underneath the hood lies a lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery that boasts of a capacity of 6,000mAh, allowing it to juice up a smartphone or tablet without missing a beat.

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