You know how a certain consumer electronics device has made it to mainstream consciousness when huge corporations actually bother to make a reference to it, or at least parody it in an ad, such as what Colorado-based FirstBank did. In this Google Glass parody that you can watch above, the whole family experienced a hilarious attempt at having dinner at the same table, although all of them were too busy with an obvious parody of Google’s wearable device.

The Google Glass lookalike in the ad is certainly a whole lot less refined, and it makes the wearer looks undoubtedly dorky along the way. This ad was the brainchild of TDA_Boulder, who happens to be a local advertising agency that shows off how using a Google Glass-like device in the house could wreak havoc. As it is, meal times around the table these days tend to be a quiet affair, as different people remain connected to their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Do you think that this is a ”preview” of sorts as to what our future will be like, or will the dinner tablet remain sacrosanct against the next evolution of technology? Only time will be able to tell, but every parent or guardian will have a big role to shape the future.

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